Arts and International Affairs, Issue 3.3-4.1, Autumn/Winter 2018-2019

Theme I: The Incredible Cosmopolitanism of Wroclaw - Editor’s Note The incredible part of Wroclaw’s story—here retold through the editorial vision of the city’s Mayor Rafal Dutkiewicz (2002–2018)—is its ability to project itself into the progressive reaches of the twenty-first century while not forgetting its cultural past. The 14 short essays on Wroclaw attest to its resilience through time, its destruction during the […]
Theme II: Reflections on Borders - Editor’s Note This theme reflects on the glues and fissures of cosmopolitanism. Saeed bin Mohammed forwards a discussion of cosmopolitanism as a “theoretical framework” but one that attends to issues of justice, openness, and inclusion through the post-war figure of UNESCO. Renée Marlin-Bennett speaks to the borders that cosmopolitanism traverses. She describes the “the emotional […]
Art-Power and Border Art - by Renée Marlin-Bennett
Sarajevo Femme Fatale - by Joanna Zielińska