Past Issues


Volume 2, Issue 1: Performing Culture




J.P. Singh



Theme 1: Witnessing + Memory



Colonial Wars and Aesthetic Reworking: The Artist as Moral Witness

Frank Möller




Remember Me

Sorcha Carey



Theme 2: Participation + Hierarchy



Curating Public Art 2.0: The Case of Autopoiesis

Btihaj Ajana




The Cultural Implications of Performance

Christine Adams





Cultural Stratification and Cultural Policies: Perspectives of Cultural Globalism, The Case of Croatia

Nada Švob-Đokić



Theme 3: Performance + Heritage




The Museum as a Transnational Actor 

Patricia M. Goff




Creating Museums: An Interview

Abbie Chessler and J.P. Singh

The Destruction of Memory

Tim Slade


Volume 1, Issue 1: The Introductory Issue





Persepctives and Remix

J.P. Singh






Theme 1: Cultural Politics and Israel 


The Playwright’s Purpose    

Motti Lerner, Playwright



bennett2Political Contestation, Israeli Identities, and the Arts

Renee Marlin-Bennett, Johns Hopkins University



Baron_5Reading Cookbooks: Israeli Food and the International Relations of the Everyday

Ilan Zvi Baron, Durham University




Theme 2: Cultural Identities and Human Rights

A Subaltern Performance: Circulations of Gender, Islam and Nation in India’s Song of Defiance

J.P. Singh, George Mason University



wu8Reflection of the Cultural Policy in Human Rights Issues in Taiwan and the Response of the Art World

Chieh-Hsiang Wu, National Changhua University of Education




Theme 3: Cultural Diplomacy and Global Interactions

Who Holds the Power in Soft Power?

Melissa Nisbett, King’s College London



Global Cultural Law in the Internet: A Tale of Parallel Worlds

Mira Burri, University of Bern



Cultural Diplomacy Practices in a Small Island State: A Case Study on Malta

Karsten Xuereb, Valletta 2018 Foundation




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