Long essays offering in-depth peer-reviewed
analysis of cultural expression

Volume 2, Number 3

Mafalda Dâmaso

Julia Bethwaite and Anni Kangas


Volume 2, Number 2

Angela Bartie Image

Cultural Interactions at the Edinburgh Festivals, c1947–1971

Angela Bartie

Hannah McGill Image

Insiders and Outsiders at Festivals

Hannah McGill

Zach Marschall Image


The Case for High Art

Zach Marschall


Derek Goldman ImageFrom Spectating to Witnessing: Performance in the Here and Now

Derek Goldman

Corina Lacatus Image


Culture Wars as Clashes of Identity

Corina Lacatus

Singh 2

Art and the Global

J. P. Singh



Volume 2, Issue 1


Colonial Wars and Aesthetic Reworking: The Artist as Moral Witness

Frank Möller, Tampere Peace Research Institute, University of Tampere, Finland


Curating Public Art 2.0: The Case of Autopoiesis

Btihaj Ajana, King’s College London




Cultural Stratification and Cultural Policies: Perspectives of Cultural Globalism, The Case of Croatia

Nada Švob-Đokić, Institute for Development and International Relations (IRMO), Zagreb




The Museum as a Transnational Actor

Patricia M. Goff, Centre for International Governance Innovation



Volume 1, Issue 1


A Subaltern Performance: Circulations of Gender, Islam, and Nation in India’s Song of Defiance

J.P. Singh
George Mason University



Who Holds the Power in Soft Power?

Melissa Nisbett
King’s College London


Global Cultural Law and Policy and the Internet: A Tale of Parallel Worlds

Mira Burri
University of Bern


wu8Reflection of the Cultural Policy in Human Rights Issues in Taiwan and the Response of the Art World

Chieh-Hsiang Wu
National Changhua University of Education


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Arts and International Affairs interrogates the nexus between the arts, politics and markets through a global perspective