Arts and Cultural Institutions: Volume 2, Issue 3

AIA’s Longform articles are peer-reviewed through a double-blind process

Multimodal  //  Arts and Cultural Institutions

J.P. Singh
doi: 10.18278/aia.2.3.1

Theme I: The Status of (Inter)National Organisations as Cultural Institutions


Multimodal  //  The British Council and the Power of Theatre 
Graham Sheffield CBE
doi: 10.18278/aia.2.3.2


Mafalda Dâmaso
doi: 10.18278/aia.2.3.3


Naomi Adiv
doi: 10.18278/aia.2.3.4


Theme II: Cities, Culture, and the Proliferation of Biennials


Anne Murray
doi: 10.18278/aia.2.3.5


Julia Bethwaite and Anni Kangas
doi: 10.18278/aia.2.3.6
Ana Lisa Boni and Philippe Kern
doi: 10.18278/aia.2.3.7